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Megababe Geo Deo

Megababe Geo Deo

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75g perfumed deodorant stick for women.

The Geo Deo delivers the odor-fighting benefits of baking soda, without the irritation.

Good stuff like plant oils and shea butter hydrate and replenish while chicory root, colloidal oatmeal and sea buckthorn work in tandem to repair skin barrier damage for healthy underarms.

The smooth, soft stick is naturally scented with eucalyptus, cedarwood and a hint of mint. If you like a clean, crisp scent, blue is for you!

Pro tip: Be sure to twist off the dome prior to first use to prevent product from breaking (instead of lifting straight off).

Dermatologist approved, clinically tested & safe for sensitive skin!*

Tested on Megababes, never on animals!



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